Home produced beef from Castle Barn Farm, Cheltenham
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  Mouth-watering meat

All animals destined for the table are slaughtered before they reach 30 months of age. The animals are taken by car and trailer, either singly or in pairs, to a local abattoir less than half an hour's drive away. This is the best we can do to keep stress and upset to a minimum. The carcass is then delivered to a nearby butcher, who hangs the carcass for between two and three weeks before packaging the meat to our specific requirements. Hanging ensures the full flavour of the beef is realised. All cuts are packaged and labelled with as much information as possible. If specific requests are made, we are happy to fulfil these with the next available beast.

We are happy for you, the customer, to buy as little, or as much, as you want. From two steaks to half a beast, we will fill your order as best we can.

  Cuts available include:


Rolled rib

Rib on the bone


Fillet steak

Sirloin steak

Rump steak

Stewing steak

Braising steak

Steak & kidney


Burgers (plain or chilli)

(plain beef, horseradish & mushroom, guinness or chilli)

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Did you know?
Less than 1.9% of Britain's total workforce works on the land, yet takes care of over 75% of it.