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  Seasonal recipe

Brisket in Ale
This is a wonderfully easy way to ensure your piece of brisket comes out tender, succulent and incredibly tasty!

Brisket joint (1-1.5kg approx.)
Bottle of brown ale (at least 500ml)
Onions/Shallots/Leeks (chopped)
Garlic (to taste)
Bay leaf (1)
Worcestershire Sauce (2tbsp)
Tomato puree (1tbsp)
Brown sugar (1tbsp)
Ground black pepper (to taste)

1. Put brisket in a deep bowl, pour over the ale and marinate overnight.
2. The next day put brisket in either an electric slow cooker or lidded casserole dish, add all of the ale marinade and all of the other ingredients. Cover and cook all day on low in an electric slow cooker or for 2-4hrs (depending on size) at 180degC (350degF, gas mark 4-5) in the oven.
3. When serving, use the remaining ale marinade to make gravy and serve the onions alongside roast potatoes and seasonal veggies such as carrots and cabbage.

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Did you know?
One gallon of ewe's milk is needed to produce 2lb of cheese.