Home produced beef from Castle Barn Farm, Cheltenham
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  A healthy herd

We run a self-replacing suckler cow herd of roughly 50 head. The majority of these are crossbred cows, but we do have a number of pedigree Aberdeen Angus cows and 3/4 crosses. The cows graze extensively on Cotswold parkland from March until October; through the cold, wet winter months they are housed in straw-filled barns.

Our pedigree Aberdeen Angus bulls, Cherry Bevan of Almsworthy, Glympton Topic, Castle Barn Prince Abul and Castle Barn Jester (both home bred), have the job of ensuring we have a constant supply of Aberdeen Angus calves. The calves stay with their mothers until they are 8-10 months old. When they are weaned, they have their diet supplemented with produce from the farm (barley, wheat, hay and silage) if needs be. Protein, in the form of peas and beans, is sourced locally. We like to support the local market where we can. To the best of our knowledge, the cattle are fed products that are GM-free and we do not use growth promotant hormones or long-term antibiotics.

Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Society Member No: 5090

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Did you know?
140,000ha of fodder crops (grass, clover, alfalfa and maize) are grown annually in England, 27,500 in Scotland and 10,500 in Wales.