Home produced beef from Castle Barn Farm, Cheltenham
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  Life on the farm

Castle Barn Farm is a 300-acre mixed arable and beef farm set high in the Cotswold hills, six miles east of the Regency town of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

Farmed by the Jones' since 1961, the farm has seen a few changes in farming practise (it was a dairy/arable farm until 1998) before settling into its current routine. Arable crops, such as wheat, barley and oilseed rape are grown under rotation for both their grain and plentiful straw. All of the cultivation procedures are carried out by the family, meaning that life on the farm is never dull!

The menagerie includes approximately 100 head of of beef cattle, two dogs, two cats, one very large horse, 75 free-range hens, and a few store lambs. Castle Barn Farm is verified under the Farm Assured British Beef & Lamb (FABBL) scheme and is inspected annually.

FABBL Membership No.: 29596.

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Did you know?
40% of eggs, including almost all the white shelled ones, sold in Britain are imported.